Big Discounts on Baby Products for Mother’s Day

Big Discounts on Baby Products

It’s Mother’s Day on the 19th of March and to celebrate we’ve put some big discounts on baby products and other lines. You’ll find many of our baby items reduced by up to 50% and in some cases products from us may be cheaper than shopping at Boots, Lloyds or popular supermarkets. VSM Pharmacy and […]

Lower Priced Essentials at VSM Pharmacy

Cost of living Saving Money

Household Finances in Chaos According to BBC News Britain is facing its biggest cost-of-living crisis on record as cost-of-living increases eat away at household finances. In the Guardian newspaper, this article has a report. In it, it says that the Office for Budget Responsibility said this in November 2022. “all household’s disposable income will fall […]

Disposing of Inhalers – How to Protect the Planet

Dispose of your Inhalers

Did you know your inhalers effect the environment? While we’re all aware of the need to reduce gas emissions not many people realise that throwing their used inhalers in the bin isn’t a good thing. As well as the general public, most corporations and businesses in the British Isles are taking steps to reduce their […]

We Support ‘Ask for Ani’ and Safe Spaces

Support for Domestic Abuse

According to the Crime Survey for England and Wales,  2.3 million people suffer from domestic abuse. Many abuse victims don’t report their crimes and so this figure could be higher. How can people suffering domestic abuse get support? What is domestic abuse? If a family member, a carer, or a partner is abusing you either […]

Who are the Samaritans and What Do They Do?

The Samaritans

  On the 24th of July, the Samaritans had an awareness day. The charity wants the 24th and the rest of July to be about their Talk to Us campaign. How the Samaritans Began The Samaritans was founded in 1953 by a vicar called Chad Varah. He said “In an emergency, the citizen turns to […]

A New Accreditation and a Benefit for VSM Pharmacy Staff

Real Living Wage Logo

VSM Pharmacy had some good news this week. They are pleased to be accredited as a Real Living Wage employer. And they can now offer the benefits of a real living wage to their staff. A Real Living Wage is different to the minimum wage. You get more money for a start. The minimum wage […]

New owners at VSM Pharmacy look to the future

2020 has been memorable for lots of the wrong reasons, but at VSM Pharmacy we’re looking forward to a new era. In April 2020, the pharmacy moved to new ownership. It perhaps wasn’t the most auspicious moment to be taking over, but we don’t want to let the current challenges get in the way of our plans to develop the pharmacy practice over the coming years.

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