New owners at VSM Pharmacy look to the future

2020 has been memorable for lots of the wrong reasons, but at VSM Pharmacy we're looking forward to a new era. In April 2020, the pharmacy moved to new ownership. It perhaps wasn't the most auspicious moment to be taking over, but we don't want to let the current challenges get in the way of our plans to develop the pharmacy practice over the coming years.

We hope that not only can we continue to provide the same high level of service to the local community that our customers are used to, but that we can improve and innovate wherever possible.

So as we enter 2021, what changes can you look forward to at your local community pharmacy?

Speedier repeat prescriptions

Getting a speedy repeat prescription can make life much easier. It ensures continuity of treatment, and takes the hassle out of the whole process. We all lead busy lives and anything that can simplify things is to be welcomed.

With that in mind, we’ve modernised the retrieval system to improve how you get your prescriptions.

Moreover, you can now get your repeat prescriptions via our new website. All you have to do is find your surgery on the new website, click on the “order my prescription” link, and then fill in your details. Submit the form, and your request will then be sent to your surgery. They will process your prescription as soon as possible. This, we hope, will simplify the whole process making it easier for you to get a repeat prescription when you need one.

A new website

Our new website will be your first port of call when you’re looking for information about the pharmacy. Not only will you be able to get your repeat prescriptions, you’ll be able to book tests and vaccinations making the whole process easier and faster. We hope this will encourage more people to take advantage of some of the health services we offer and improve how we serve the local community. We’re proud to support our local GPs and NHS services and you can find more details about the full range of services we offer on the website.

Also, be sure to check regularly on the News section of the website, where we’ll post information about our services, health and community issues.

A more focused community approach

Everything we do at the pharmacy is focused on improving the health and well-being of the local community. 2020 was a challenging year, and community pharmacists have been on the frontline helping to support our vital health and public services. We’re aiming to ensure that our service is even more community-focused than before, making sure that people locally know that we can be their first port of call for a range of health issues. We’re here to help you look after yourself and your family.

Here to help

If you have any concerns or questions about the pharmacy and the changes we have planned, please call us on 01276 21002 and our friendly team will be happy to answer your questions.

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