Big Discounts on Baby Products for Mother’s Day

Big Discounts on Baby Products
Big Discounts on Baby Products
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It’s Mother’s Day on the 19th of March and to celebrate we’ve put some big discounts on baby products and other lines. You’ll find many of our baby items reduced by up to 50% and in some cases products from us may be cheaper than shopping at Boots, Lloyds or popular supermarkets.

VSM Pharmacy and the community

Here at VSM Pharmacy, the current cost of living crisis is affecting our own household and our business. So, we’re well placed to see where savings are most useful. Many of our pharmacy staff are mums who are now finding the weekly shop getting more expensive. These are women who belong to our community and need to continue buying essentials for their families, especially those mums with babies and young children.

We believe in doing what we can to help our staff members and the community in general to reduce your weekly spending.

What VSM Pharmacy is doing to help …Big discounts

We have been busy approaching new and trusted stockists for pharmacy products and negotiating lower prices so that we can pass on these savings to our customers. We want both staff and customers of VSM Pharmacy to shop with us because we offer lower prices whilst still maintaining quality and service.

Products in our baby range, for example, include wipes and nappies as well as bottles and formula. All essential baby items a busy mum needs at home. We have chosen a range of baby products with tremendous discounts as well as reducing other items throughout the VSM Pharmacy range.

The 10% range

Our 10% discount range is running from the 19th until the end of March. It’s worth exploring our other new ranges too because you might find that products have been reduced by as much as 50% on previous prices.

Come in and talk to a member of staff and they will introduce you to our new cheaper range and the 10% discount on baby essentials.

Here at VSM Pharmacy customer service is our highest priority and if we can help our small community with discounts to beat the cost-of-living crisis, then we know we are serving our customers well.

If you would like to read more about the ways you can reduce your energy costs, then have a look at our latest blog here.

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