Skin Cryotherapy

Transform Your Skin with Cryotherapy

Welcome to VSM Pharmacy, your local pharmacy that offers a wide range of healthcare services to help you feel your best. We are excited to introduce our dermaclinic, where you can get warts, verrucas, milia, and cherry angioma removed by cryotherapy.

Cryotherapy is a safe and effective way to remove these skin conditions. It involves the use of extreme cold to freeze and destroy the affected tissue. Our trained and experienced professionals use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure a quick and painless procedure.

At our dermaclinic, we understand that skin conditions can be embarrassing and uncomfortable. That’s why we offer a discreet and confidential service, where you can discuss your concerns with our experts in a comfortable and private environment.

Our cryotherapy treatment is suitable for all skin types and can be used on both adults and children. It is a quick and easy procedure that requires no downtime, meaning you can get back to your daily activities right away.

We are committed to providing the highest standard of care and customer service. Our team of experts will guide you through the entire process, from consultation to aftercare, to ensure the best possible outcome.

So, if you’re suffering from warts, verrucas, milia, or cherry angioma, why not book an appointment with our skin clinic today? Contact us to schedule a consultation and discover how we can help you achieve healthy and beautiful skin.

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How does the cryotherapy service work?

Book your appointment online. Same day appointments are often available due to the size of the team.

On the day of the appointment, our skin specialist will assess your lesion and ensures the treatment is appropriate.

After the assessment, the skin lesion will be frozen using cryotherapy and a follow-up will be scheduled if required.

Four weeks after the skin lesion treatment, whether it is verruca, wart, skin tag or other, our expert will check your lesion has healed.

What do our customers say?

V S M Pharmacy
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Chris LennonChris Lennon
12:40 11 Jul 24
A quick, fast and painless treatment for the removal of 5 skin tags this morning, would definitely recommend VSM Pharmacy
Caroline TravisCaroline Travis
21:10 10 Jul 24
Very easy to book and the procedure worked well for me. Solved my ear blockage on the first visit in 5 minutes.
Matthew GreensladeMatthew Greenslade
10:35 09 Jul 24
I went for a consultation and removal of moles. I thought it was excellent value and had many moles removed for less than £30/-. One mole was of a different type and I was told to go to my GP as soon as possible for further evaluation. Excellent no nonsense service.
Jim KosraviJim Kosravi
10:20 09 Jul 24
Wonderful and helpful services and happy to use again thank you.
Julia DenyerJulia Denyer
00:21 07 Jul 24
Saima NadeemSaima Nadeem
10:47 06 Jul 24
Best pharmacy in Camberley
jo culleyjo culley
14:08 04 Jul 24
Pharmacist very knowledgeable, understanding and kind. Great service, no wait time as booked appointment.
Jessica HillborgJessica Hillborg
18:06 03 Jul 24
Came in for TBE vaccines before a trip, 2 adults and 2 kids. Everything was very quick and easy and the kids were very happy with their lollipops after for being so brave.
Louis P.Louis P.
07:23 03 Jul 24
I would highly recommend VSM to anyone looking for help with their ears; I had an appointment with Julie and she was very thorough and careful. She was ultimately able to put my mind at ease for something I was quite nervous about.
Ann HawkinsAnn Hawkins
15:47 02 Jul 24
Great service micro suction. Thank you
Roger WaltonRoger Walton
09:34 27 Jun 24
John LeahyJohn Leahy
14:50 26 Jun 24
Parking outside and quick and easy service
Jessica CleggJessica Clegg
13:46 26 Jun 24
Friendly staff, very welcoming 😃
Steve CartwrightSteve Cartwright
15:42 21 Jun 24
Excellent friendly service
Rosie WilsonRosie Wilson
12:35 21 Jun 24
Attended VSM today to have a private covid jab. Pharmacist was really friendly & professional. Jab was painless & I would not hesitate to recommend this service. Many Thanks VSM
Harold T.Harold T.
15:44 20 Jun 24
Great sevice and Very well-oriented griendle staffs. Shout-out to Mac for her assistance and guidance. Highly recommended and will be back again for future procedure. Thank you and Best of Health to everyone!
Linda MillsLinda Mills
10:41 20 Jun 24
Excellent service for ear wax removal. Friendly and professional. Highly recommended.
Oli GuyOli Guy
10:12 19 Jun 24
Emily PayneEmily Payne
11:09 17 Jun 24
I attended a travel clinic appointment. The staff are so so friendly, I had Jirina who was lovely and very helpful! Got everything I needed very quickly and feel very prepared for my travels 🙂
Michael KingMichael King
13:46 15 Jun 24
Very efficient and informative.Would reccomend.
alex elwickalex elwick
11:31 15 Jun 24
Full of information and very helpful!
Chris HillChris Hill
11:35 14 Jun 24
Excellent service and friendly staff
Peter RobbinsPeter Robbins
14:13 04 Jun 24
I found VSM Pharmacy online and not too far from me. I had seen a doctor and was told that my partial deafness in my left ear was due to ear wax but the NHS don’t treat it anymore. You have to pay and have it removed privately.VSM Pharmacy treated my problem professionally and book me in the same day. The lady who treated me was very kind and explained everything completely. I cannot speak too highly for the service I got. I would recommend this place to anyone.
Nicholas BuxceyNicholas Buxcey
14:38 31 May 24
Attended by a lovely lady who did an excellent job
18:09 29 May 24
I went today to have 3 moles treated with cryotherapy. The pharmacist who treated me was very knowledgeable and polite. I'll be back for more treatment. 🙂
jack chandlerjack chandler
13:30 29 May 24
Nigel RiceNigel Rice
13:21 22 May 24
Excellent cryotherapy treatment, delighted with the outcome
Richard BrownRichard Brown
12:34 22 May 24
peter hillpeter hill
11:46 20 May 24
Good informative and very reasonable priced
Helen HarwoodHelen Harwood
18:53 17 May 24
Had ears micro suctioned, very efficient service
Steve AlleySteve Alley
14:51 17 May 24
I attended an appointment for ear wax Microsuction. The service was friendly, professional, punctual and has left me with perfect hearing! Thanks so much!
Jonathan LeanJonathan Lean
13:18 17 May 24
Very friendly, great advice.
Jamie FlackJamie Flack
10:41 17 May 24
Wonderful staff, very friendly and handled my Cryotherapy with a lot of care and information, going over everything I needed to know before we proceeded.
David SearleDavid Searle
10:03 16 May 24
Had ear wax removed, did a good job and was polite and friendly the whole time. I can now hear again! Will definitely use again if needed!
Kathleen ClareKathleen Clare
18:48 15 May 24
Had to have ear wax removal, pharmacist was very good and explained everything to me.would recommend this pharmacy
Rob BroadbentRob Broadbent
12:13 15 May 24
Super friendly welcome. Had ears syringed and looked after in a professional manner as always.
Matthew SommerMatthew Sommer
10:07 15 May 24
Peter ThornePeter Thorne
05:32 14 May 24
Excellent service
Herb EverestHerb Everest
15:31 13 May 24
Visited to have moles/warts on my back assessed, which were very professional and proficiently treated/removed.
Gone to this pharmacy as seen a lot of 5 star reviews and it did not disappoint, Jirina who has seen me for the ear wax removal was amazing, really lovely and very patient, turns out that there wasn't much ear wax in one of my ears, turns out to be a sore ear drum which explains the hearing loss, she explained everything in full detail on how to get it treated and recommended me for one of the ear sprays to calm it down, amazing job, would recommend this place
Anne OwenAnne Owen
13:46 09 May 24
I had ear wax removed from both ears by micro suction. Would certainly recommend VSM with excellent service and easy online booking system. They show you photos of the inside of the ears both before and after. Having experienced the old system of ear syringing before I can confirm this is a far better process.
Crusher UK2013Crusher UK2013
14:07 07 May 24
Very competent. Ear wax removal.
Alan AnningAlan Anning
16:21 03 May 24
A professional service carried out painlessly and effectively.
Andrea McCombieAndrea McCombie
12:52 01 May 24
Quick, efficient and friendly service
Martin TennantMartin Tennant
15:10 29 Apr 24
Went to have a skin lesion removed very efficient good price fast service
karen harriskaren harris
12:14 29 Apr 24
Always helpful staff , never have to wait to long to be served.
Tony RocheTony Roche
11:50 22 Apr 24
Went for ear wax removal. Friendly place.......the staff are chatty. I had to go twice cos there was too much to remove in one go. No extra charge for the second visit which I thought was good! Good availability with appointments too.....(unlike my GP which had no appointments).I wouldn't hesitate to use them again.
Brian MowllBrian Mowll
11:16 22 Apr 24
Very happy .great service.
Gary BrettGary Brett
10:34 22 Apr 24
Good service. Did have to go back three times in total to clear ears but ear was inflamed so probably why. Friendly staff and like the idea you see the before and after photos using a special camera. Easy to book compared to others and seem to be able to get quick appointments compared to say Specsavers offer. Comparable on price and only pay once until it has been cleared even if you have to return. so that's good.
David AshtonDavid Ashton
11:43 19 Apr 24
Jirina did a wonderful job today and cannot recommend her highly enough, many thanks, my world has returned to normal!
James WheelerJames Wheeler
17:09 17 Apr 24
Really good service. On the spot treatment with clear explanation of what would take place and after care. Forgot to pay and had to go back (bit embarrassing) other than that! Great experience 5*
Sylvia CookSylvia Cook
16:43 16 Apr 24
Such lovely staff and a very helpful environment. Both my daughter who received wart treatment and I were pleasantly overwhelmed by the kind yet professional service.
Richard DillonRichard Dillon
06:17 13 Apr 24
Great service and the girls done a fantastic job, bit painful but they certainly put you at ease and made the visit a bit more bearable5stars
16:56 11 Apr 24
Great service very friendly..going back next week for a follow up on the treatment...
sasha davidsonsasha davidson
17:50 02 Apr 24
Excellent service had my ear wax removed and Nicky was so thorough I couldn’t believe how much she managed to remove. I would definitely recommend going to her.
17:57 25 Mar 24
Just had the 'freezing' of a couple of benign growths on my face. Excellent system with lots of care and advice delivered. Thoroughly recommended,
Paula GloverPaula Glover
18:20 22 Mar 24
I recently attended this pharmacy for private allergy testing. When I initially called to find out how to book, the online booking process was clearly explained by the person I spoke to, as was the price. I was able to book an appointment with the pharmacist on the same day. I was seen on time, and the pharmacist clearly explained what the test would involve, how I would receive the results, and how long they would likely take to arrive
Linda LeachLinda Leach
17:05 22 Mar 24
Just had both ears waxed. Very good service. I was show photos of my ear drum before and afterwards. Very quick and pain free with no mess. With a follow up next year if I want. Throughly recommend the service if you need ear wax remover.
David LomasDavid Lomas
14:40 18 Mar 24
I had cryotherapy on my face this morning. The service was very quick, very professional and at a very good price. These sorts of services used to be available on the NHS so VSM are a great alternative that I wholeheartedly recommend and I will certainly use again
Neil HutchingsNeil Hutchings
14:14 16 Mar 24
I got an appointment easily online. Pharmacy staff were so kind and helpful and Jirina diagnosed my problem very clearly. Will definitely return if I need help again. Thank you
Thomas Derek LindonThomas Derek Lindon
08:10 13 Mar 24
Excellent service with no problems at all.
Alison BondAlison Bond
22:24 12 Mar 24
Fast and easy online booking formVery polite helpful staff
Heidi NHeidi N
13:01 09 Mar 24
Stanley ShumbaStanley Shumba
20:56 06 Mar 24
Excellent service, easy to book and get an appointment
Patricia MartinPatricia Martin
16:06 01 Mar 24
I am happy with the 2 visits I had.
Patricia MartinPatricia Martin
13:48 29 Feb 24
Melanie KitchingMelanie Kitching
11:43 29 Feb 24
I had a consultation with Julie, who was very knowledgeable and professional. I would recommend this service.
Graham TapperGraham Tapper
15:15 26 Feb 24
Got an appointment to meet my needs. Procedure well explained. Could see the situation before the procedure was carried out, and afterwards, to confirm that the problem was removed. Would be happy to use this service again, should the need arise.
Rob DeanRob Dean
21:00 25 Feb 24
BrilliantNo waiting about, straight in answered a few questions, operation done, out....Just how I like it.
Jenny WinsladeJenny Winslade
13:10 23 Feb 24
Lisa TaylerLisa Tayler
11:36 21 Feb 24
17:37 19 Feb 24
Excellent friendly and efficient Microsuction Ear Wax Removal.Will definitely use the again
Belinda SchwehrBelinda Schwehr
15:58 16 Feb 24
The pharmacist was efficient, gentle and reassuring - it was a good experience all round
Steve CameSteve Came
20:20 14 Feb 24
Very friendly pharmacy team, enjoyed my visit
Jason RoachJason Roach
18:48 12 Feb 24
Brilliant service very happy indeed very professional
Lee WrightLee Wright
16:33 09 Feb 24
I was amazed how quick and easy the ear wax was removed. I can hear again. Fantastic. Thank you very much.
Louise ParsonsLouise Parsons
18:32 30 Jan 24
Very please with the allergy testing service, lovely lady and very helpful
Wayne ConerWayne Coner
15:21 12 Jan 24
Brilliant 👏
16:08 05 Jan 24
Very professional staff . I recommend it any time you need a Pharmacy.
Karen GulerKaren Guler
11:04 09 Dec 23
I took my father to get his ears sorted and have to say how amazing the pharmacist Jenna was. She was so kind to him and did a great job. Highly recommend.
Djordje VuckovicDjordje Vuckovic
15:29 02 Dec 23
David FergusonDavid Ferguson
14:48 01 Dec 23
Jackie KellyJackie Kelly
09:07 30 Nov 23
This pharmacy is outstanding! In an era where customer service is on this decline, this business bucks the trend. Every member of staff is helpful, knowledgeable and goes out of their way to assist their customer. A great team effort!
Laverne BryanLaverne Bryan
16:53 27 Nov 23
I’m new to the area so had no clue where to go when I woke up with a blocked ear. After some research I chose this place as it was super easy same day booking for my ear to be suctioned. Great lady who did it who made me feel relaxed. Would recommend to everyone.
Ann CookeAnn Cooke
20:22 13 Nov 23
Very friendly staff! Good experience, thank you!
Gerald TurnerGerald Turner
11:55 13 Nov 23
Excellent service.
Ben VadgamaBen Vadgama
16:48 09 Nov 23
Super efficient, quick and friendly service
Francis MarshallFrancis Marshall
13:39 08 Nov 23
I had a cryotherapy appointment. Fast, friendly and professional service.
Rob DuncanRob Duncan
13:13 05 Nov 23
Even at the busiest times the staff are friendly, informative and very helpful. I've been using the pharmacy for 20+ years and the standards have never dropped from brilliant! I'm very much in favour of local independent retailers and VSM could be used as a flagship for 'the cause'. RJD
Suraj GurungSuraj Gurung
22:18 01 Nov 23
Quick and friendly environment as always.👍
Gerry MeadowcroftGerry Meadowcroft
09:15 31 Oct 23
Good experience, no wait, very efficient
Peter ScottPeter Scott
15:42 23 Oct 23
Same-day service and good treatment that solved the problem.
Kathleen NangleKathleen Nangle
14:33 20 Oct 23
Great service for cryotherapy today. So knowledgeable and explained everything perfectly. Can’t comment on results yet but I am confident they will be amazing 🤩
Yvonne KaneYvonne Kane
10:14 20 Oct 23
Excellent service provided, I called in to book an appointment to have my Flu injection, the lady on reception asked me to hold on for a moment and when she returned I was told they could do it there and then. I just had to wait a couple of minutes, then all done. i would recommend anyone to go there its just a shame they are not doing the Covid Jab.
Keith HallKeith Hall
11:22 18 Oct 23
Friendly, efficient and professional service. Will certainly use your services again.
Christine GandyChristine Gandy
19:04 16 Oct 23
Jrini from VSM Pharmacy was extremely professional & reassuring when explaining how the Cryo Therapy would work regarding the removal of a verruca. I half expected to return within the 4-6 period after the treatment for another session, but it was successful first time & am very satisfied & would highly recommend.
Charlotte Palmer-LaddCharlotte Palmer-Ladd
13:24 12 Oct 23
Apollo BazlerApollo Bazler
15:58 10 Oct 23
Friendly staff always happy to help
laurie callowlaurie callow
10:06 10 Oct 23
friendly, good service goog supplier of prescriptions
richard armitagerichard armitage
12:17 07 Oct 23
Smoothe and fast
Rick CovellRick Covell
12:33 05 Oct 23
Changing my appointment was a breeze. Then the jab in and out like lightening
All good and friendly
Lisa TaylorLisa Taylor
11:33 04 Oct 23
Fernando CaamanoFernando Caamano
17:21 02 Oct 23
Excellent service, booked my flu jab online. No waiting.
Robin LipscombeRobin Lipscombe
13:37 02 Oct 23
Excellent service
john hustedjohn husted
12:42 02 Oct 23
Great staff always ready to help and a good service provider
Clinton WingroveClinton Wingrove
12:32 02 Oct 23
Excellent service - staff always look after my needs.
Gyan GurungGyan Gurung
10:56 02 Oct 23
Helpful friendly
Chris WillisChris Willis
10:53 02 Oct 23
Booked my Flu vacation online and in the day I was dealt with by very friendly staff, the pharmacist was very bubbly and professional as she always is.
Karen JonesKaren Jones
17:52 29 Sep 23
The staff at VSM always take care of my needs and will always go the extra mile to get my medication delivered on time.
Joanna BellotteJoanna Bellotte
17:32 11 Sep 23
We had a great experience using the cryotherapy service at VSM Pharmacy. Everything was explained and made clear.
matteo testamatteo testa
19:01 10 Aug 23
I had Cryotherapy by Jirina. She was brilliant got rid of the problem quickly and painlessly. First class
Sarah CrossSarah Cross
15:56 02 Aug 23
Had Cryotherapy done here and couldn’t recommend highly enough
Deana OreillyDeana Oreilly
14:26 27 Jul 23
Excellent service and treatment for blocked ear - extremely gentle, informative and kind
Edwards MikeEdwards Mike
13:46 13 Jun 23
I scheduled a Covid test at this pharmacy. The appointment was on time and the staff were polite and happy. A very well run pharmacy who caters to the customer.
Gurpartap SagguGurpartap Saggu
16:28 09 Jun 23
Went for my ear cleaning service and was extremely pleased with the service and results. Very easy, pain free, and a pleasure to have this done, for a very reasonable price. Would highly recommend.
Colin HillColin Hill
09:33 29 May 23
Jirina was very professional and very patient whilst removing the ear wax of my 91 year old father in law. An excellent service.
David HartDavid Hart
10:34 26 May 23
I had ear wax removal carried out by VSM Pharmacy. It was a very quick and painless operation which I recommend to anybody who requires such an operation. Thank you Jirina.
Robert MartenRobert Marten
12:14 20 May 23
This was the best experience I have had for removing earwax. Jirina uses Micro suction, it is far superior to other methods I have used. Apart from the superb method used VSM Pharmacy are wonderful and personal, Jirina is especially knowledgable in so many area’s which makes VSM Pharmacy our No 1 shop on the high street
romuald percromuald perc
19:23 17 May 23
Very professional service and very kind staff. I'm so happy having this experience.
Chris TurnbullChris Turnbull
11:01 19 Apr 23
Very impressed by the service offered by VSM. Today I had ear wax removal from both ears which has made a huge difference to my hearing and balance. I thoroughly recommend this procedure to everyone.
Sam SirrellySam Sirrelly
12:20 29 Jan 23
I was in store yesterday and the pharmacist was amazing I think hear name is Jirina so helpful and knowledgeable and her amazing staff best pharmacy around
Roger HoldawayRoger Holdaway
10:22 09 Dec 22
Absolutely fine, appointment on time, in and out without any hitch. Vaccination - no problem
Sylvia EastwoodSylvia Eastwood
17:42 07 Dec 22
Very easy to book an appointment. Pharmacist very friendly and polite
Denys ForintonDenys Forinton
08:18 07 Dec 22
Very pleased to have changed our pharmacy contact to VSM. So far perscriptions have been quick and efficient. Had my flu jab there and again very quick and efficient. Pleased to support this local pharmacy and will continue to do so from now on.
Carol MartenCarol Marten
21:40 06 Dec 22
I couldn't speak more highly of VSM Pharmacy. No matter what your needs are they are met by Jirina and her team. They were there throughout Covid giving advice, not giving a thought for their own safety, they truly are wonderful. Have to say Jirina gives a great vaccine, never have any problems after my flu jabs.
Harvey OckrimHarvey Ockrim
06:30 13 Sep 22
A Pharmarcy that very obviously cares about their clients. Any time I have visited I have been greeted in a friendly, efficient and professional manner. On the rare occasion something is out of stock they have managed to find an alternative or get the exact requirements fairly quickly. The team has a great delivery service using mainly local volunteers who not only deliver medicines but pause for a brief chat when possible.
Carole ReedCarole Reed
01:16 02 Sep 22
I would change my Doctor but never my pharmacy. They are the happiest bunch l know, and extremely helpful.
Taiwo AdeolaTaiwo Adeola
17:29 23 Jun 22
They're very friendly but I had to wait a while(like normal) for my prescription
Banshree NakarjaBanshree Nakarja
10:38 14 Mar 22
All staff at this pharmacy are fantastic, very friendly and always make you feel welcome. Always happy to help, we always feel comfortable to ask for any advice as nothing is ever too much trouble for them, thank you vsm team for such great service!
rosemary hartrosemary hart
17:35 04 Mar 22
It is the most amazing pharmacy. They always have lovely smiling faces and so very obliging for all the customers. I would NOT go anywhere else unless the Pharmacy was shut. To have a smiley face when you feel rough and a good laugh is all very uplifting. Thank you so much. Xxxx
Phillip HarrisonPhillip Harrison
16:33 01 Feb 22
super effecient help on PCR tests from Thierry
13:15 19 Jan 22
Jirina and her staff are very friendly, helpful and always smiling. I’ve used their services throughout the pandemic (pick up GP meds, LFD and immunisations) and I’m always confident the moment I open the door that I will get the help/service that I need! 100% recommended!
Chris RidgersChris Ridgers
10:49 19 Jan 22
Very friendly staff, always happy to help. A great service given, thank you.
Steve PryceSteve Pryce
09:48 19 Jan 22
At VSM, the staff were very helpful and friendly. The pharmacist was good at explaining everything and jab was quick and painless. And no waiting. In and out in 10 minutes.
Hayley McfarlaneHayley Mcfarlane
14:21 04 Jan 22
Very helpful, fast responses too queries and very kind and understanding. Appreciate all the help and advice. .
michelle whittlemichelle whittle
10:48 10 Nov 21
fantastic service will recommend...... 5 star for me!
Brian MacdonaldBrian Macdonald
15:09 02 Nov 21
We required 2 PCR tests for our outward journey and 2 Lateral Flow Tests for our return journey. Being a bit of a technophobe I was hesitant as to how to proceed with my applications, I needn't have worried. Jirina was excellent and smoothed the path for us, I have no hesitation in recommending VSM Pharmacy for their great service and fantastic customer care.
Enrica Eren AngioliniEnrica Eren Angiolini
08:52 27 Sep 21
Very kind, quick to reply and informative. Thank you very much!
Very nice pharmacy. They sorted my day 2 covid test effortlessly. Thanks again.
Ciska RoselaarCiska Roselaar
13:51 09 Sep 21
Extremely helpful and efficient chatline - will use again in future!5 star service
Alexander LakeAlexander Lake
17:03 02 Sep 21
Thierry and the people here are lovely and the service is far better than multiple London companies we used. Fast, efficient, reliable. Many thanks to the team.
Thierry ThielensThierry Thielens
08:28 31 Aug 21
VSM is a great local pharmacy. Every single staff member cares for the community. They keep offering new services and simplifying things for their patients. It is a great place to work. It is a great place to shop. It is just a great place.
Sandee SinghSandee Singh
17:12 30 Jul 21
Great service, super efficient, I needed fit to fly covid tests and they gave all the advice needed before booking the test. Accommodated all family tests together. The chat service to get all the info was really helpful. Highly recommended. Thank you
Shena TaylorShena Taylor
12:15 20 Sep 20
VJ is the kindest most caring pharmacist I have ever met. He went out of his way to check how I was coping after my husband died, he always has time for customers and his support has been invaluable to me. They delivered my prescriptions straight to my door in lockdown without me even asking. All of the staff are lovely people. I totally agree that VSM is the best pharmacy around.
kayleigh noycekayleigh noyce
17:35 14 Jun 19
This is the best pharmacy around. I don’t agree with the one star comment! The staff in VSM are the kindest most helpful i have come across in any pharmacy or store alike! They are always smiling, polite efficient! and friendly. VJ is a lovely man, who clearly cares a lot for all his customers. I will forever influence all my friends and family to us VSM.
oliver rosco-collinsoliver rosco-collins
14:42 08 May 19
Great staff. Very helpful and polite
Adam ObuliAdam Obuli
14:24 07 Jul 17
Always very helpful and informative staff. VJ is always on hand if you have a question. Highly recommended!
Rob HorasteadRob Horastead
08:15 15 May 17
Always extremely knowledgeable, very helpful and pleasant with it. VJ is better than some of the GPs with his care about your well-being.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every skin is different, and some lesions require more care than others. The initial assessment and the treatment of one skin lesion such as a wart or verruca is £69.99. Additional lesions of the same type are £29.99 per lesion. The pharmacist will confirm the costs before the treatment.

Of course. On the day of your appointment, if you decide not to proceed with the treatment, there will not be any charge.

The CryoPen emits a fine jet of nitrous oxide under high pressure, which allows the clinician to work with millimetre precision.

This destroys the tissue by freezing the inter-cellular fluid, forming ice shards and crystals which rupture the membrane, thereby destroying the cell. That means there will be no collateral damage to healthy tissue. It’s so incredibly accurate and practical.

Many different superficial skin lesions can be treated with cryotherapy. That includes

  • Warts and verruca
  • Skin Tags
  • Age Spots and Pigmented Spots
  • Cherry Angioma
  • Molluscum Contagiosum
  • Milia
  • Solar Lentigo

 It is essential that a correct diagnosis is made before treatment as we do not treat any cancerous lesions as these are more appropriately managed and followed up on the NHS. 

 If a lesion looks suspicious of skin cancer, you will be advised to seek advice from your GP

The duration of the treatment time will depend on the surface area and the thickness of the tissue being treated.

The pharmacist will choose an application time from 3-30 seconds.

Yes, we cannot treat customers with the following conditions

  • Diabetes
  • Immuno suppression
  • Hepatitis
  • Raynaud’s phenomenon
  • Pregnancy and breast-feeding
  • Auto-immune disorders

Our pharmacist will assess during the consultation if any other exclusion criteria apply to make sure the treatment is safe.  

Cryotherapy is a relatively low-risk procedure. 

Cryo IQ delivers N2O directly to the area, and not the healthy surrounding tissue. Cryo IQ  is both CE and FDA registered.

There will be a pain sensation similar to a stinging nettle on the skin when the nitrous oxide reaches the bottom of the area. There might be a little residual stinging for a few minutes after treatment.

The area treated is frozen by cryotherapy. This kills the localised cells in the area which cause them to shrivel and die.

The treated area may go darker over a few weeks, but will return to normal pigmented skin in about 6 weeks. 

Treatment is usually painless, or with a slight discomfort. Initially, immediately after the treatment has been applied you may get any of the following:

  • Slight redness due to the initial inflammation, this is a normal and part of the healing process
  • You may get a small dry scab
  • Itching may occur, usually within a few minutes of treatment and it can last up to 30min.
  • Blisters may form with any treatment to the skin and can happen to anyone. Any blistering will not affect the outcome of the treatment.

The healing time after cryotherapy for skin conditions can vary depending on the size and location of the treated area, as well as individual factors such as age and overall health. In general, the healing process can take anywhere from 1 to 4 weeks.

Our address is 124 Frimley Road, Camberley, GU15 2QN.

Our pharmacy’s warts, verruca and skin tags removal service is easily accessible from Camberley, Blackwater, Sandhurst, Frimley, Deepcut, Cove, Hawley, Mytchett, Crowthorne, Surrey Heath, Farnborough, Finchampstead, Ash Vale, Fleet, Bisley, Windlesham, Aldershot, Brookwood, Hartley Wintney, Sunninghill, Pirbright, Bagshot, Bracknell and many other locations in Surrey.

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