5 reasons to get vaccinated against influenza this year

Getting an influenza (flu) jab this year is more important than usual because of COVID-19. The colder seasons are upon us and the risk of the flu is heightened because there is a chance you can catch both viruses simultaneously. Compiled below are some reasons why you should get a flu jab this year.

1. Flu and coronavirus complications (double danger)

It is possible to get the flu and coronavirus at the same time so it’s really important that you get a flu jab if you are in an at-risk group. If you’re not sure whether you are in a high-risk group please check the NHS guidelines.  It is also a good idea for people who aren’t in high-risk groups to get a flu jab this year, due to concerns around catching the flu at the same time as coronavirus.

2. Paracetamol shortages

The second wave of coronavirus is anticipated which means there could be another shortage of medication, like paracetamol, that can lessen symptoms for both coronavirus and the flu. If you get a flu jab you are less likely to be put in a position where you’ll need medication that you can’t get access to.

3. Flu jabs help protect women during and after pregnancy

If you are pregnant this year then getting a flu jab could significantly lower your risk of illness this winter. Flu vaccinations can reduce the number of pregnant women who are hospitalised from flu by 40%.  This is more significant this year than usual because of the risk of being hospitalised during a pandemic.

4. Protect those around you

If you get a flu jab this year then you will put those around you at less risk. If you get a flu vaccination then you are less likely to pass it on to other people who could be in a high-risk group.

5. Are you a parent or carer?

Really young children are also at risk from the flu and the double danger of flu and coronavirus. It’s important, therefore, for children and parents/carers to get a flu jab this year to keep your family safe and healthy. With the risk of coronavirus out there, getting a flu jab is another way you can positively control the impact it can have on you/ your family.

Stay safe this winter, stay inside, and get your flu jab!

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