Gillette Simply Venus3 Women’s Disposable Razors – 4

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1) What it is for:

The Gillette Venus 3 Simply Disposable Razors are designed for a sleek and comfortable shave. The three-blade design ensures a close shave, while the moisture rich strip provides lubrication to prevent cuts and irritation. Ideal for removing unwanted body hair with ease.

2) Age Restriction:

This product is suitable for individuals of 18 years and above. It is not appropriate for children or teenagers under the age of 18 due to the sharp blades.

3) How to use:

Wet the skin area intended for shaving and apply a shaving gel or foam. Hold the razor at a comfortable angle against your skin and drag gently against the direction of hair growth. Rinse the blades after each stroke to maintain smooth and effective operation.

4) Hazards and Cautions:

Avoid touching the blades directly to prevent injuries. Do not apply excessive pressure during the shave to avoid cuts. If irritation or rash appears, discontinue use immediately. Keep out of reach of children.

5) Storage:

Store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. It is recommended to keep the razors in a safe, clean area to maintain blade sharpness and prevent accidental injury.

6) Active Ingredients:

The active ingredient in the moisture strip of the Gillette Venus 3 Simply Disposable Razor is polyethylene oxide, which provides lubrication for a smooth shave.

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