What’s the hangover cure Myrkl available in the UK?

Myrkl the new hangover cure
Myrkl the new hangover cure
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Last week you may have seen articles in the newspapers about a new tablet called Myrkl.

Myrkl is being manufactured as a hangover cure and it is now available to buy in the UK.

Why do we get hangovers?

The main reason we get hangovers is that alcohol contains the chemical Ethanol. Ethanol makes you pee more than usual so after a night of drinking alcohol you end up being dehydrated.

Dehydration causes all sorts of symptoms including headaches, a dry mouth, dizziness and not being able to sleep well.

How does Myrkl prevent hangovers – Is it a hangover cure?

According to Myrkl’s manufacturers, it is all to do with the ingredients in the tablets. The tablets contain:

  • Baculus Subtillis – This is a bacteria used to help digestive health
  • Baculus Coagulans – This is a lactic acid to help the bowel function
  • Cysteine – This is an amino acid found in foods such as eggs, broccoli, and beef. It helps to support the liver function
  • Vitamin B12 – A member of the vitamin B group. It keeps your blood cells healthy, helps you to sleep and gives you energy

These ingredients, say Myrkl, break down the alcohol in your gut before it reaches the liver. As a result, the harmful short-chain aldehydes that cause side effects (the main one being acetaldehyde) aren’t produced by the body in such large quantities and so you don’t feel the effects of a hangover. That’s why Myrkl is saying it’s a hangover cure.

According to Myrkl, up to 70% of alcohol is broken down into water and carbon dioxide after 60 minutes.

Why is the acid acetaldehyde harmful?

Acetaldehyde, which is converted from ethanol, causes damage to our DNA. The impact of this damage can cause cancer.  Heavy drinkers have a greater risk of dementia,  liver damage and colorectal cancers.

How do you use Myrkl?

The manufacturer’s instructions are to take 2 tablets at least one hour before you start drinking. The tablets come in packs of 30 available from Myrkl’s website. They cost £30.00 for each packet.

Does taking Myrkl mean you can drink more?

Some health experts have raised concerns that taking Myrkl will encourage binge drinking. When you get a hangover, you know it’s because you drank too much. It’s your body sending you the message that you should probably drink less next time. Many people avoid alcohol the day after a binge, allowing the body to recuperate.

Taking Myrkl and not suffering from a hangover could mean that some people take this as a sign they can drink more often.

However, health experts and Myrkl’s manufacturers state that the tablet is designed for use by moderate drinkers. It won’t stop you from being drunk. In fact, if you use Myrkl it will take you longer to get drunk, so you’ll end up spending more money.

Using Myrkle doesn’t eliminate the alcohol in your body completely, so you are still at risk from the damage alcohol does. In other words, you are still at risk of liver damage or cancer.

What are the government guidelines on drinking alcohol?

Both men and women are advised not to drink any more than 14 units of alcohol a week. 14 units is the equivalent of 6 pints of normal strength beer or 10 small glasses of wine. You should avoid binge drinking. Try and spread your alcohol consumption over the week so that you’re not drinking 14 units over a short period of time.

How can I avoid a hangover without taking Myrkl?

To avoid a hangover don’t drink to excess, but if you are going to drink the following tips may help you avoid or reduce the effects of a hangover:

  • Eat a meal with carbohydrates before you start drinking because this will slow down the alcohol absorption in your body
  • Avoid dark-coloured drinks if you have a sensitivity to congeners, which are chemicals in dark drinks.
  • Drink a non-alcoholic drink between each alcoholic drink. But make sure it’s not fizzy as this will speed up alcohol absorption.
  • Drink a large glass of water before you go to sleep and/or take a couple of painkillers.

If you have had a rough night, make sure to pop in. A team member will assist you to find the best cure to get you back in shape in no time. Remember to drink in moderation. Be especially careful if the temperatures are high as alcohol dehydrates you faster in the summer.



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