What does a positive COVID test look like?

VSM Pharmacy Camberley/Farnborough/Frimley has COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Tests and PCR tests that can be ordered online or bought in-store and taken at home or in our pharmacies with trained staff to help you. Here we help you understand the differences between tests, why you may need them for international travel certificates, how to tell if the result is positive or negative – and what to do next.

How long after having COVID will you test negative?

Now that the government’s widespread testing programs during the pandemic have mostly wound down, and testing is now left mainly up to individuals, or in some cases employers, you may find yourself with a few questions about testing.

A positive COVID test can be incredibly disrupting to your work and home life, even if you are fully vaccinated and remain completely asymptomatic throughout the duration of your time testing positive.

Knowing for how long to isolate, whether to plan for a long time working from home, or whether you should be wearing a mask and avoiding your friends and family members are all important decisions that are affected by how long you test positive for. So, you may be wondering; how long after having COVID will you test negative?

What does C and T mean on a COVID test?

Whether or not you have had to take a test, if you have at least seen information about COVID tests you will have noticed that most of the lateral flow tests have different letters and markings, most notably the large C and T letters which indicate the outcome of the test.

So what does C and T mean on a COVID test, why were these letters chosen, and what does it mean if your test has a line next to these letters?

Tips for travelling in the summer 2021

Going abroad in 2021? It’s a complicated time, and travel advice is always changing, but it’s still absolutely possible to take a break. Here’s our guide to how to travel with COVID restrictions in play.

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