Dandruff – The Symptoms and How to Treat it

Hair and dandruff

If you have noticed white flakes in your hair which fall onto your shoulders, the likelihood is you have dandruff. Dandruff is a very common skin condition. You can’t catch it from someone else and it’s not caused by bad hygiene. What causes dandruff? There are various causes, and your symptoms will normally give you […]

The Aveeno Range – Gentle Products for Sensitive Skin

three bottles of shampoo, conditioner and cream from the Aveeno range

Discover the power of nature combined with science in Aveeno’s skincare products. Harnessing the benefits of oat extract, oatmeal, oat oil, and Ceramides, Aveeno provides a gentle yet effective skincare range suitable for everyone, from babies to adults.

What can cause extreme itching without a rash?

Experiencing persistent itching without a visible rash? Discover some common and uncommon reasons for this mysterious itch, from insect bites to serious health conditions, and learn how your local VSM pharmacy can assist.

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